The Pitter-Patter of Baby Rat Feet…

I was breeding for havana and related varieties when suddenly two things happened:

  1. It was decided that the colour of havana I was breeding would not be given a standardisation within the National Fancy Rat Society. It is apparently too similar to some other varieties.
  2. Some blue rats showed up unexpectedly. I think they may have what is known as the “platinum modifier” in them, which is something that we thought was, if not lost, then very thin on the ground.

So, instead of breeding for havana, I will be breeding these pale quicksilver-like and platinum-like rats for a little while, along with havana colours which I will also get.

I will also be breeding Silver rats, which in my case are black rats with a lot of sparkling silver hair in them.

I like dumbo rats and would like to breed them. They may show up…or not. We’ll see.

My next litters are planned for mating up in September and October. I will be breeding quite a number of them at that time and the babies should be ready to home out by November/December.

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