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    10-Day-Old Baby Grooming Herself!

        Self-grooming is an innate behaviour displayed by all rats. There’s a great article about it on Isamu Stud’s website if you want to read more about it. My video here shows Hummingbird’s baby doe’s earliest attempt to self-groom. We think these are all…

  • rat behaviour, rat breeding

    How To Introduce New Rats

    For years I dreaded introducing rats to one another. Or rather, I didn’t mind too much introducing does to each other — they were far more peaceable (usually), but I was scared to death of introducing male rats. I had good reason. Adult male rats…

  • rat behaviour, rat breeding

    Temperament Testing In Rats

    Much is made of early temperament testing in rats. Typically, a breeder will perform a number of tests including a “scruff” test, a human approach test (HAT), and a novel object test (NOT) as well as an open door test (ODT).   In the scruff…

  • rat behaviour, rat breeding

    Taming Baby Rats

    People get rats from lots of different places and they aren’t always the tamest of rats. There is no point telling someone who has just picked up a couple of unhandled babies that they ought to have looked for a breeder who selects for calm…

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    Does or Bucks (girls or boys)?

    When it comes to deciding whether to get bucks or does there is much to consider. Among rat enthusiasts, the debate on which gender is “better” makes for lively debate. Both bucks and does make great pets. I have to admit to loving both does…