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    Socialising Pet Rats (especially the shy ones)

    I love how confident Blue Apple babies are, but not all rats are the same! I’ve been hearing of many people who are having difficulty socialising their pet rats. By “socialising” I mean that they want their rats to feel more comfortable being handled, spending…

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    Preparing the Birth Cage

    🐀🐀🐀 It’s day 21 for Hummingbird, and it’s time to prepare for her birth cage. Most rats have their litters after 22.5 days of gestation. For now, I’m not setting up the web camera, but that will be tomorrow’s work! 🐀🐀🐀…

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    What I’m breeding now (velvet rats…!)

    With Kiko’s babies now 10-weeks old and almost all homed out, and Elsa’s babies now 6.5 weeks old, I don’t have immediate plans for more litters. However, I will be mating up rats again either in May 2020 or a few months later than that.…

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    How To Introduce New Rats

    Very briefly, here is a little advice on introducing baby rats (kittens) to resident adult rats: For years I dreaded introducing rats to one another. Or rather, I didn’t mind too much introducing does to new babies but I was scared to death of introducing…

  • rat behaviour, rat breeding

    Taming Baby Rats

    People get rats from lots of different places and they aren’t always the tamest of rats. There is no point telling someone who has just picked up a couple of unhandled babies that they ought to have looked for a breeder who selects for calm…