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Kiko’s little ones!

Kiwi Kiko, one of my Russian blue agouti does, had a litter the morning of Saturday, October 26th. The buck (not mine but another Kiwi boy!) is Kiwi Cluck, a Russian topaz velvet buk. Kiko is velvet, too, but not nearly as much as Cluck and we’re hoping for some velvet babies from this group.

Lots to tell but I think the photos are the fun bit. Here they are at 8 days old. There are 12 but one of them may be a foster from Tenebrae. We’ll know shortly whether that little foster made it or not.

Little purgers and some a bit on the thinner side
They only come out for a few minutes. Under the fleece is a warm (not hot!) hot water bottle.
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