Breeding Plans 2022

Blue Apple Easter Egg (“Egg”), Russian Blue Agouti 11 week old doe
Halcyon Daffodils in Spring (“Daffy”), 8 week old doe
Blue Apple Heffalump (“Lumpy”), 4 month old agouti dumbo buck

Russian Blue & Russian Blue Agouti,

Top-eared and dumbo

I don’t know if I’ll be homing any of these out in 2022 but I’m trying to breed toward Russian blue agouti and Russian blue. I think those who get babies from me will get everything that isn’t a Russian blue agouti or Russian blue, however! Expect plenty of “rainbow” litters that really aren’t as random as they look. I’ll be keeping anything black or agouti as it will carry Russian blue in it and I can get Russians out in the following generations.

Meanwhile, pretty much any colour other than Russian blue or Russian blue agouti will be available!

Agouti & Topaz,

Top-eared & dumbo

I will also be breeding agouti and topaz. Along with agouti/topaz may come black and buff.