Breeding Plans 2021


Quicksilver & Platinum line

I didn’t expect to be breeding these varieties, but 4 beautiful chocolate quicksilvers appeared one day so here I am!

As it stands, the line is pure Zephyr, lovingly developed by Mary Giles. I will be trying to breed more quicksilvers and platinums as the numbers in the UK are very low right now.

I may not have any babies available to homes but, should that change, I will let you know. Ex-breeding does or bucks may be available.

They are absolutely beautiful rats inside and out. Some British blue-based rats (of which these are) can be susceptible to illness more readily than more robust varieties.

Silver Black

Silver (Black)

The Silver variety is recognised by the NFRS in a number of base colours, including mink, British Blue, and black. I’m just at the very beginnings of trying to develop a Silver line.

The first litter toward this effort was born October 21, 2021 to Blue Apple Sweetpea In Spring, shown left. The father is Zephyr TicToc (Taco).

I will be homing out a lot of the babies from these litters are they aren’t nearly as rare as quicksilver. Expect a rainbow of colours, however! I’ll be keeping the black ones early on so you’ll get all but those! 🙂