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rat care

What do you need for rats?

Those who are new to rats may be surprised by how much “stuff” they need. While breeders don’t all agree on what is necessary for your rats “set-up” (the cage,…

rat breeding

Have a look at the new babies!

As you know, my quicksilver doe Hummingbird had six babies on October 5th. You can see the proud dad and mum here. All six are well and healthy, and I…

rat breeding

Hummingbird has six healthy babies!

On the 5th of October, Blue Apple Hummingbird gave birth to six healthy babies, two does and four bucks! As you know, Hummingbird is a chocolate quicksilver doe. That means…

rat breeding

Preparing the Birth Cage

🐀🐀🐀 It’s day 21 for Hummingbird, and it’s time to prepare for her birth cage. Most rats have their litters after 22.5 days of gestation. For now, I’m not setting…

rat breeding

Hummingbird is looking pregnant!

You can really see how pregnant Hummingbird is now, which is just as well as she’s due in only a few days. Rats often don’t show their pregnancies until late,…

rat care

Applying For Rats From Me

Like any good breeder, I want to make sure my rats go to people who love rats, are willing to learn everything they can to keep them healthy and happy,…

rat care

Video of Orange Julius being cute

This is Blue Apple Orange Julius. I really love this rat and he’s exactly what I breed for (but don’t always get). He’s a 7-month old Russian topaz buck turning…