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rat care

Applying For Rats From Me

If you want rats from me, send me a message or go on Facebook and find Blue Apple Rattery and message me there. You’ll be given an auto message with…

rat care

What do you need for rats?

Those who are new to rats may be surprised by how much “stuff” they need. While breeders don’t all agree on what is necessary for your rats “set-up” (the cage,…

rat care

Bringing Down the Cost Of Vet Bills

    I know they are cute and I know they are fun, but rats are also quite expensive. It’s not the initial cost. Most people don’t worry about paying…

rat behaviour, rat breeding

How To Introduce New Rats

Very briefly, here is a little advice on introducing baby rats (kittens) to resident adult rats: For years I dreaded introducing rats to one another. Or rather, I didn’t mind…

rat behaviour, rat breeding

Taming Baby Rats

People get rats from lots of different places and they aren’t always the tamest of rats. There is no point telling someone who has just picked up a couple of…

rat care

How Much Does It Cost To Keep Rats?

People often imagine that rats are inexpensive pets. Who can blame them when there are articles all over the net that make such bogus claims as “All you’ll need to buy…

rat care

How to Breed for Good Temperament

All breeders try to breed for a “good temperament” but not all breeders agree on what a good temperament is! Some breed for rats that are active and always on…

rat behaviour

Does or Bucks (girls or boys)?

When it comes to deciding whether to get bucks or does there is much to consider. Among rat enthusiasts, the debate on which gender is “better” makes for lively debate.…