The Pitter-Patter of Baby Rat Feet…


I have some lovely rats to breed later this year. Kiwi Kronk, a Russian Blue buck, will be the father of two litters! I play to mate them in November 2019 or possibly October. Here’s Kronk:

Kiwi Kronk x Kiwi Saphira (Saffy!). Kronk is a beautiful boy and Saffy is a gorgeous girl (who won Reserve Best In Show at a National Fancy Rat Society Show here in Britain, then Best Opposite Age in another as well as third in the Supreme Challenge). I’m expecting a lot of Russian blue from one of those litters, possibly some Russian buff. Both varieties will be available. Some chance for dumbos but mostly top-eared.

Kronk will also be mated to Kiwi Elsa, a Russian Blue agouti girl. I’ll have quite a mixed bag from this with everything from Russian blue, Russian blue agouti to Russian topaz in there. Again, some chance for dumbos but mostly top-eared.

My little experiment with  Meraki Oscar (Lavender agouti rex buck with an adorable temperament!) will be taking place in the spring. I adore Oscar — he’s a lovely rex boy — but I want to make sure he has no skin or respiratory issues before mating him.

I’ll be posting all their baby pictures on this site as well as on my facebook page, Blue Apple Rattery, so that prospective new owners can watch as their babies grow up.

If you are interested in adopting some babies, please read my page all about adopting rats from Blue Apple Rattery.  I do have an application form. Just ask for it! 🙂

I handle all all my rats daily and handle the babies every day. My rats spend a lot of time playing out of the cage and expect the same in their new homes!

Because I am a member of the National Fancy Rat Society here in Britain I am regularly in contact with people who breed rats. If I don’t have baby rats available, I am sure someone I know may soon. However, breeders like those at the NFRS often have waiting lists, so unless you are very lucky you may have to wait a month or two (or three). In my opinion, it’s worth the wait! And if you need a rat fix, you can always visit a rat show!