Meet Missy, Daughter of Kong, Mother of Blue Apple

The little rat I call Missy began life in May of 2017 as Ouzles Daughter of Kong 1. She is the result of a long line of rats bred primarily for temperament by a well known stud in Cambridgeshire called Ouzles.


On the outside, Missy looks like a black rat with lovely dumbo ears and unusually long toes. On the inside she is what is sometimes called a “blank slate” rat. That is, she isn’t carrying genetic dilutions that will influence the colour of her offspring. Black is really the result of an absence of colour, though many black rats carry recessive genes that don’t influence their own colour, but may very well influence the colour of their babies. Missy doesn’t genes for any other colour, but she does carry good health and a lovely temperament.


We’re hoping that Missy will have a little family with my Russian silver buck, Pluto. Russian silver is the result of two different recessive genes at play. The rat has to carry two copies of Russian blue as well as two copies of British blue.


Pluto and Missy’s babies will all be black, though half will have white bellies….and I can’t WAIT!

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